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HBACC Display at 2006 GLAR

2006-01-19 HBACC president Vince Angell informs us: In lieu of a Chapter meeting we would like to invite all of our members and guests to visit the Howard Banta Alarm Clock Chapter display at the 2006 Greater Los Angeles Regional, GLAR, held on February 3rd and 4th in Pasadena, California.

The display will be set up directly across the aisle from the ever popular Silent Auction in the middle of the Mart Room. Please stop by and say hello to Vince and Phyllis Angell who will be at the booth to answer any of your questions about the Chapter.

Image Montage From 2005 National Convention

2005-06-28 Chapter President Vince Angell posts a series of digital images taken at the 2005 National Convention. As you might imagine, the HBACC table has a prominent role.

The images are available at here.

Phyllis Finishes 1000-piece Clock Puzzle

Phyllis with 1000-piece clock puzzle 2005-06-28 Here is a picture of Phyllis with her completed 1000-piece puzzle that she purchased at the National Convention in Fort Lauderdale. Click for a medium or full-size image.

This puzzle and other items are available at all Nationals at the NAWCC table. They are also available at the Gift Shop at the NAWCC Museum in Columbia, PA. For your convenience, many gifts and collectibles are available on the NAWCC gift shop online.

Table G727 at 2005 National Convention

2005-06-03 "We will be at table G727", says Chapter President Vince Angell. He invites everyone to stop by and say hello. The table will be staffed by Vince and Phyllis Angell and Charlie Banks.

ACC178 Display at 2005 National Convention

2005-05-09 Chapter President Vince Angell announces that we will have a small display in the Mart room of the 2005 NAWCC National Convention in Fort Lauderdale, June 9 - 11, 2005.

There will be available recent newsletters, applications and a small display from Chapter member Charlie Banks. If you are at the Convention, please stop by and say "hello" and let's see your recent find at the Convention.

There will also be Slide Show/Meeting on Thursday, June 8th in Room 113. The slide show will be "Alarm Clocks Are Collectible". Produced by Sacramento Valley Chapter #71 in 1978 but still one of the best Alarm Clock programs from the National Lending Library.

"Hope to see you there", says Vince.

2005 Volume 1 Newsletter

2005-04-07 Chapter President Vince Angell advises HBACC178 members that you should have received your first newsletter for the 2005 calendar year. He adds that the hugh size of this newsletter lead to a late delivery.

This is quite an undertaking especially with Part 1 of the 20 page article from Westclox expert Bill Stoddard. Hope you enjoy this issue and we are looking forward to the next issue in June with the last 10 pages of Bill's article on Westclox Big Bens and Baby Bens.

HBACC Lapel Pin

Lapel pin 2005-02-13 We are pleased to announce that a Chapter lapel pin is now available and will be sent to all active members in early 2005. We hope to see our members wearing the lapel pin at upcoming Regional and National meetings. See a small, medium, or large size image of the pin.

2005 GLAR Flyer

GLAR 2005 flyer 2004-12-27 View the full-size flyer.

You may download, print, and distribute this flyer to help inform others of HBACC participation in the 2005 Greater Los Angeles Regional event.

Special thanks to Mary Maier for the artwork.

Chapter Name Status

2004-07-18 NAWCC 1st VP John Hubby informs us: NAWCC Council has approved a name change for The Alarm Clock Chapter #178 to become The Howard Banta Alarm Clock Chapter #178.

Thank you, NAWCC Council, we appreciate the stamp of approval.

Now, for Chapter officers and others, it is time to update those letterheads, web links, business cards, and get a new ball cap with our new name embroidered on the front. <grin>

2005 National Convention

2004-07-13 The 2005 National Convention web site is now available for your viewing pleasure.

Also, there are several documents with pertinent information that Jeff Hamilton, the 2005 National Website Chairman, suggests you can take with you to your Chapter meetings to pass out to members.

HBACC Presentation at National Convention

2004-05-25 Kim St. Dennis, Moderator of the HBACC Yahoo Group, will be giving a slide presentation at the NAWCC National Convention in Oklahoma City.

The Slide Program will be of the John Darrow Alarm Clock Collection. It will be on Friday, July 2 at 4pm in Room 4 at the Convention Center.

Chapter President Vince Angell says "I would like to invite everyone to view this fascinating slide program of John's collection. It is massive and some of the early alarm clocks are very unique and rare."

Chapter Name Status

2004-05-24 Chapter President Vince Angell reports that the Chapter took a mail vote of its membership to rename the Alarm Clock Chapter #178 to the Howard Banta Alarm Clock Chapter #178.

Name change: 27 in favor, 4 opposed, 1 abstention.

Of the 60 members that were sent a ballot, 32 returned the ballot. Twenty seven were in favor of the name change, four were opposed, and one abstained.

Vince advises that our name change will be formally considerd at the National Convention in Oklahoma City, July 1-3, 2004. Vince expects no problem with approval.

Legged Alarm Clocks

2004-05-22 Kim St.Dennis reviews the book Legged Alarm Clocks by Dennis Sagvold. This is our first book review and we thank Kim for taking the lead here.

First Featured Alarm

2004-05-16 Our first featured alarm clock is now available for viewing. Named "Illuminated Alarm Clock", this alarm will wake you up and illuminate your morning. This feature reminds us of how important some clocks are to us. (If you have a favorite alarm that others might enjoy seeing, please let us know. And thanks for going first, Vince.)

Gypsy Traders Talk

2004-04-30 Gypsy Traders are a group of people who are interested in all types of antique collectibles. Vince gave them his "Alarm Clocks are collectible" presentation and they were very interested in the topic. The question and answer segment took 20 minutes, a new record for this presentation.

2004 Dues

2004-04-25 "2004 dues are deferred to 2005" says HBACC President Vince Angell in his first official announcement.

"2004 dues are deferred to 2005"

Vince explained that dues are normally on a calendar basis but with the calendar year nearly half gone, "some people might rightly object." Those who have paid 2004 dues will be credited with dues for 2005.

Website Moves

2004-04-20 Website moves to new location and new domain name. We decided to use for our domain name and to use Richard for hosting service at kinetotech. We keep checking through-out the day to see if the DNS system has propagated our new address yet.

Thank you Jim for the use of space during the development.

2004 GLAR

2004-04-02 Report of HBACC meeting at 2004 GLAR is available. Thank you Vince for the report and images.

Website Begins

2004-03-31 Webmaster announces version 0.1 of this site. Three weeks to the day, our site is ready for viewers. There are still a few things to do, but we are calling those maintenance items. (grin)

2004-03-29 Newsletters are now available, on this web site, for all of 2003 and year-to-date 2004. We are still deciding how soon to post new newsletters, after the Chapter members get their hard-copy newsletters.

2004-03-22 The contact page firms up. Discussion on the content of the contact page led to the idea of a clock bio for members. This was a creative resolution that may be of value to existing and potential members.

2004-03-10 Web site development begins. We think. We scratch. We dream. We mumble: "Wouldn't it be nice ...".