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Author Assistance

Article Submission Process

The Article Review Committee is responsible for author assistance, article approval, and article publication. Normally, articles will be published in newsletters and on our web site. Individuals are strongly urged to "spread the word" on alarm clock topics that are especially interesting to them.

Articles can include photos, descriptions, references to other articles or web sites, and your own personal thoughts or experiences. Articles might even include ads for publication. Sample topics might include, but are not limited to:

"Spread the word" on alarm clock topics.

You've had an idea for an article. Make it a reality!

Article Format

We accept articles in most common formats, specifically the ones list below. If your favorite format is not listed here, we will make it work, somehow!

Just a note of caution: all our mailboxes have space limits. Please coordinate in advance before sending files larger than 50KB. As an alternative, you could certainly post files on your web space and then send us the links. Either way, we want to encourage articles and make it easy for authors to submit their works.

Featured Alarm Articles

We hope and expect that our "Featured alarm" series will be enjoyed and supported by many avid alarm clock enthusiasts. Each featured alarm will be run for a limited amount of time. There may be times when we will be considering several submissions for the series, so we anticipate an informal committee to organize the sequence of featured alarms.

Each submission starts with an email to the webmaster, (address at bottom of page) to discuss, in general terms, these items:

The webmaster is ultimately responsible for high-quality features that are consistent with acc178 purpose, policy, and site design standards, after consultation with 178 officers and the informal sequence committee.