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Howard Banta

Howard Banta Biography

Our Founder

Photo of Howard Banta with part of his collection

Howard Banta was the founder of NAWCC Chapter 178 and was National Director from 1977-81. He was also past president of the San Fernando Chapter 75.

His extensive collection consists of alarms originating between 1870's to 1936. It even includes one of the famous Drum Alarms made by Seth Thomas - thought to be one of only four in existence.

We are pleased to provide a photo album of his collection (photos by Mike Wilson). Howard was always willing to share his knowledge and enthusiasm.

Mike also did a seven page interview and images of Howard Banta and his collection for the 2003 volume 1 newsletter.

Howard kept active right to the very end; his last chapter event was to attend a luncheon for Australian visitors and to give a guided tour of his collection to them in late June, 2003. Howard was a friend and mentor to us all and he is going to be sorely missed. He passed away August 19, 2003.