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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are Chapter dues?

A: Chapter dues are $15 per year. Members are reminded of upcoming dues. Members in arrears for two months or more will have their privileges withdrawn.

Q: I am interested in clocks but cannot afford the dues. Is there a student rate?

In-kind work ... would satisfy the dues requirement

A: There is no special rate for students. However, students may arrange with Chapter staff to fulfill their dues obligations through "in-kind" work. For example, one GOOD article (eg, an interview), approved by Chapter staff, would satisfy the annual dues requirement.

Q: Why do you restrict access of non-members who are genuine clock lovers?

A: We are reviewing that policy right now. As stated in our "Policy" section, member privacy is very important. Once we have a member in good standing, our current members are comfortable with relaxed privacy. We are discussing the removal of member personal information, and an end to restricted site areas.

Q: Where do we meet to discuss acc178 matters?

A: We have started a new forum for the discussion of acc178 matters. Our new forum is a Yahoo! group. Join this group now!

Q: How does this site relate to the Yahoo! Group named "alarmclockchapter"?

A: The "alarmclockchapter" was an online place for people to discuss alarm clock matters. We now encourage people to join another group, the acc178 Yahoo! group, as we move forward.

Q: I'm a member of HBACC. Can I have a "clock bio" also?

A: Sure, any member can. Just provide suitable information to the webmaster. (Note address at bottom of page.) Provide a digital image in .png, .jpg, or similar format. Also provide a plain text file with the words for your bio.

You can provide this info in either of two ways. Email to the webmaster, AFTER prior coordination. Or, post the info in your own web space and send links to the webmaster. We will post the info you provide so please choose your words carefully.

Q: What the heck is a NAWCC Fellow?

A: As a minimum, a NAWCC Fellow is a volunteer who has demonstrated the highest moral and ethical standards as he or she participates, over a sustained period, in two or more of the following activities:

Q: What is Horology?

A: Horology is "the art or science of making timepieces or of measuring time" according to the Random House College Dictionary, copyright 1982. For a fuller explanation, please see the article What is Horology?? by Donn Lathrop.

Q: What is the difference between NAWCC and AWI?

A: There are a number of organizations around the world for those interested in horology. Some provide more of an emphasis on watches, some emphasise clocks more and others try to mix pretty evenly. The two most well known ones here in the United States are AWI (American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute) and NAWCC (National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors).

Each organization sponsors a school of horology, offers bench courses and houses an excellant library. NAWCC has a very active online message board (open to the general public) while AWI uses a Yahoo Group for its message board and is open to members only.

We encourage you to explore the websites of each organization. We have links to these and other horology web sites.

Q: When are newsletters posted to this site?

A: There is a new newsletter every three months, usually. Chapter members are mailed hardcopy newsletters as soon as possible. There is a six month delay in posting newsletters to this web site. We hope that this delay will provide a little extra encouragement for you to join our Chapter and participate in the full benefits of being a member.

If that is not your desire, then we hope you enjoy the newsletters, even if delayed a little.